Zapier is a service that allows users to connect EASI’R to other services, based on events happening in EASI’R or apps you want to integrate. That means you can’t use Zapier to export a complete dataset of everything in EASI’R, but rather only new entities that are created. E.g. you can’t export every Contact in EASI’R to a MailChimp mailing list, but you can add new contacts created in EASI’R to a MailChimp mailing list.

You can check some predefined Zap templates at that will guide you through common scenarios with Zapier.

Getting started

To start, log on to your Zapier account at In the top bar, click “Make A Zap!”.


In The Choose a Trigger App search field, search for EASI’R and click it. Now we’ll choose a trigger.

Choosing a Trigger


A trigger is an event that occurs in EASI’R that will trigger a Zap in Zapier. For example, you can select the New Contact trigger, which will fire whenever you create a new Contact within EASI’R.

Connecting Zapier to EASI’R

After selecting the trigger, you will be prompted to login to EASI’R. Click “Connect a New Account” to connect Zapier to your EASI’R account.

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If you’ve already logged in to EASI’R, you just need to authorize that Zapier can access your data. Otherwise, enter your EASI’R credentials and click Login.


Data Scope


After choosing a trigger, Zapier will ask which scope of data you want to transfer. You have the selection of a) everything and b) only my own entries. If you select b), Zapier will only react to contacts you create yourself. If you select a), Zapier will use any contact that’s visible to you inside EASI’R, even if another EASI’R user creates it.

Test This Step


After configuring the trigger, Zapier will fetch the latest created entity. For contacts, that will be the contact that was created last. It Zapier will use this for mapping EASI’R data over to any third-party integration you choose.

Note that you don’t have to choose EASI’R as the trigger. You can also choose any other Zapier app as a trigger, for example Google Contacts, if you want to transfer any new Google Contacts to EASI’R.

Choosing an Action


After choosing the trigger, you must choose an “action app”. In this example, we’ll use New EASI’R Contact as the trigger, and MailChimp as the action. In other words, we’ll make a Zap that adds new EASI’R Contacts to a MailChimp mailing list.

As you’ve already selected the trigger, now find MailChimp and click on it.


Unlike before, you will now be prompted for an action instead of a trigger. Choose Add/Update Subscriber as the action, and click Continue.


Then add your MailChimp account and click Save+Continue.

Set Up Template

In this step, you’ll connect your EASI’R contact to a MailChimp subscriber. Zapier must know which EASI’R fields are equivalent to a MailChimp field – an EASI’R First Name field should be matched up to a MailChimp First Name, for example.


Select your MailChimp list on the dropdown. We have one called Zapier Test List.


Now select the Contact Email field.


We’ll also map the First Name and Last Name fields.


After that, click Continue in the bottom of the screen.

Test your Zap


Completing the step, you can see how the EASI’R fields are mapped onto the MailChimp fields, and you’ll be able to test that the integration actually creates a MailChimp subscriber.

Provided everything went as it should, you’ll get a “Test Successful!” message.


Finishing and enabling the Zap


When the Zap was successful, click Finish. Usually, you’ll want to enable it immediately, so mark the Zap as “On”.