This roadmap is to give an indication of where the EASI'R product is headed. We change the priority of projects based on status quo and user feedback.

At EASI'R we take pride in being a user-driven platform, doing rapid prototypes, and testing together with our customers. Feel free to contact us, if you have any feedback or want to be a part of our testing group.

Projects currently in progress:

  • Custom field groups
  • Reworked reports
  • Adjustments to our data handling in accordance with the GDPR
  • Improved consent handling
  • Restructuring of the Contact & Account view

Coming up next:

  • Improved campaigns
  • External tasks shown during plan next step
  • Need analysis step during create activity
  • Conversion of B2B to B2C contacts and vice versa

Completed projects & improvements:

  • Q4
    • Ability to set targets for each user in a team
    • Improved filters
    • Attach files to Contacts and Accounts
  • Q3
    • Custom team fields
    • EASI'R Embed - create activities outside of EASI'R
    • Improved onboarding of new and existing users
    • Birthdays
  • Q2
    • Enhanced mail flow - more like your mail client
    • Enhanced lead acceptance flow
    • Extended our API with batch requests
    • Added new notifications such as opened e-mail, lead escalated, etc.
    • Timeline entries via API have been improved
    • Added warnings when deleting data such as teams, groups, users
  • Q1
    • Improved filter features
    • Improved search features
    • New rights & Roles
    • Ability to link fields together
  • Extended template support
  • Additional data was added as a new entity
  • Basic iCalender integration
  • Introduced user groups as a concept
  • Zapier integration