Released 21/06/2018

We are improving EASI'R by releasing new features, working on existing ones and fixing bugs.

Here is a list of what we have accomplished in this release.


This release brings you the improved Campaign tool, the possibility to group fields, and new Account and Contact views

What's new

  • New Account and Contact views - The view for Account and Contact has been updated with a new look. The focus has been to highlight the contact information on the left side, and get the list of Cases and Activity history further up on the screen. You can access all your Account and Contact data easily by clicking the respective button.

  • Grouping of Fields - Administrators can now group fields in sections to easily distinguish different types of data. This is also reflected on the Account, Contact, Product and Team views.

  • Relaunch of Campaigns - Campaigns has been drastically improved, based on customer feedback. Below you will find a list of changes:

  • New filtering and sorting options available on the list of Campaigns
  • The list of Campaigns will show more relevant information
  • Improved detailed view of each Campaign helps you get a better overview of what the Campaign is about, how it performed and the content.
  • New Task assignment rules for follow-up Tasks for a Campaign. The Task will automatically be assigned to the respective contact’s responsible user. If there is no responsible user, Tasks will be assigned to the case owner of the latest open case of a contact. If a contact has neither responsible user, nor open cases, tasks will be assigned to one of the fallback users.

  • External Tasks - It is now possible to create external Tasks that will show up in EASI’R when planning an EASI’R Task. These Tasks are not completable, they function as a help to see how busy a day is. External Tasks can be created via the API.

  • Vehicles on Cases - Vehicles can now be added directly to Cases, indicating that a vehicle was a part of that Case.


  • Plan next step - In activity creation, “Plan the next step” was moved to the section “Add more info”. It can now be made recommended when configuring a milestone (under Settings – Case management – Relations path), meaning that it will be pre-selected when an activity is registered.

  • Task end time adjustment - When editing the start time of a planned Task, the end time automatically adjusts, so that the length of the Task remains the same as originally planned.

  • Merge field improvements - Merge fields used in the text editor for e.g. emails and signatures have have received a UI update, making them more user-friendly. They also consider if a value is available, and warn the user if the selected merge field does not contain a value.

  • Email notifications - Notifications sent via email now show the team the notification is related to.

  • Order of case notes - Case notes are now sorted by creation date, with the newest on top.

  • Sorting of lists - In User management, the list of Users/Teams/Groups is now sorted alphabetically. 

  • Propose next step by default - The next step will automatically be pre-filled with the next milestone in the relations path, based on the furthest milestone selected during activity creation.

Bug fixes

  • Sort order of product fields - Fixed a bug where the order of product fields did not update after being changed.

  • Case manager not pre-selected - Fixed a bug where the creator of a case was not automatically selected as case manager.

  • Missing label in reporting - Fixed a bug where every other label in Case insights – “Created activity types distributed over Relations paths” was not shown.

  • Missing content in merge fields - Fixed a bug some merge fields were marked as “missing content”, although content exited.

Read more about EASI’R in our Help Center in English and German.

We appreciate your feedback, so if you have ideas or suggestions for improvements, please email us at support@easir.com.