Released 12/04/2018

We are improving EASI'R by releasing new features, working on existing ones and fixing bugs.

Here is a list of what we have accomplished in this release.


This release brings you, among others, the new reporting and the new consent handling.

What's new

  • Reports - In the new reporting, users of the type User can see their own performance and compare it with their colleagues’. For Team Admins, Group Admins and Company Admins, reports are now split into three tabs: Performance, Lead insights, and Case insights. All Admins types can create scheduled reports. If set, targets are now shown on the performance indicators in the new reporting.

  • Consent - Possibility to give users the right to edit consent; Consent is given per communication channel (Call, Email, Letter); Consent history is shown (When was consent edited and by whom).


  • User availability - When creating a new activity or editing a task, the user’s availability is now shown in order to avoid double bookings.

Bug fixes

  • Missing case manager - Fixed a bug where the case manager was not automatically pre-filled upon case creation.
  • Pre-select correspondence - Fixed a bug where the correspondence section was not automatically pre-selected when answering to an email.

Read more about our new features in our Help Center in English and German.

We appreciate your feedback, so if you have ideas or suggestions for improvements, please email us at support@easir.com.