We are improving EASI'R by releasing new features, working on existing ones and fixing bugs. Here is a list of what we have accomplished in this release.


This release brings you a new notification and some minor improvements.

What's new

  • New notification - When a planned activity/task becomes overdue, the responsible user will now receive a notification.


  • Edit profile pictures - Admins can now edit profile pictures of all users in their company.

  • Case link in task overlay - When opening a task from the task list, there is now a direct link to the relevant case.

  • Assignment date on lead list - We added a lead’s assignment date to the details view on the lead list and on the agency page.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a task’s date would unexpectedly change while editing.

We appreciate your feedback, so if you have ideas or suggestions for improvements, please email us at support@easir.com.