We are improving EASI'R by releasing new features and fixing bugs.
Here is a list of what we have accomplished in this release.

Changes to the API can be found at the bottom.


The focus of this release has been the improvement of the Case status overview.
From now on, we would also like to inform you about the bugs we have fixed. You can find this information at the bottom.

What's new


Click phone numbers to call - Clicking a Contact's phone number on Cases, the Activity page, the Lead details in the Agency page or the Contact page will now try to call the number. This requires that your browser identifies it as a phone number.


Increased length of Lead type description - In release 2.19, Lead type descriptions were introduced. For this release, the possible length of the Lead type description has been increased from 200 to 600 characters.

Validated Lead access - A new validation has been introduced on Group/Team specific Lead types. It is no longer possible to submit Leads that are not available for the specific Group/Team.

If you are a user without a Team, a more meaningful message when trying to accept or reject Leads will be shown.


Highlighted Cases - Cases will now be highlighted on Case lists if they are either missing their first Activity, or there are no next planned Activities. This is to ensure that users are aware of Cases not being treated. A next planned Activity is:

  • Planned Activities (Tasks such as E-mail, Call, Reminder, Letter).
  • Automated relations (E-mail will be sent out X days from now).

Improvement to Case list filters - Currently the "Open" filter is automatically applied. If there are no open Cases, we apply the "All" filter instead.

Notification about Case assignment - As a user, you will now receive a notification about a Case being assigned to you.

Added Lead data to Case - Lead assignment data will now be shown on the Case information.

The filter for Lead types now properly shows which filter is active.


Changed the order of Escalated(x2) leads - Leads that escalated twice now appear in chronological order, newest at the top.

Changed columns on Escalated and Escalated(x2) lead lists - Specifically, we have removed the Interest and Reason columns, and added Dealership, Escalation type and Escalation date to it instead. This should make it easier to get a faster overview of the urgency of Escalated leads.

Confirm deletion of Lead - As an Agency, you will have to confirm deletion of a Lead.


Show available Templates for Content suggestions - When you as a user want to use a Template for a Content suggestion, you would have to search for it first. We now load all available Templates in the dropdown.

Product details as a recommended step on non-sales Relations paths - When editing a non-sales Relations path, you can no longer select Product details as Additional steps anymore. Product details are only relevant for sales related Relations paths.

Renamed automations to Automated relations - When creating or editing an Automated relation, the confirmation message upon saving referred to "automations". This has been changed to "Automated relations" for consistency. Same goes for the choice of Additional steps, when editing a Relations path.

Rights for managing Custom fields, Lead types and Relations paths - We have added additional rights for managing Custom fields, Lead types and Relations paths. This was previously only managed on a Company wide setting.

Better error message for deleting users with Open cases - When deleting a user with Open cases without assigning the Cases to another user, a more specific error will be shown.

Search on Group lists - A search has been introduced for the Group list, making it easier to find the specific Group you are interested in.

Multi-line text field added - Multi-line text fields have been added as a new type of Custom fields.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where instead of Team settings, the Company settings for Opening hours would sometimes show.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the double entry search would find Closed cases.
  • Fixed an issue with icons being distorted.


  • Fixed an issue with the details of a task being shown when clicking on a Contact.
  • All day and Proposed next step options are now hidden on the Completed task view.


  • Fixed an issue where old activity information related to a Deleted case was shown on a Contact.
  • When searching on the Contacts list, the sorting of the results have been improved.


  • Fixed an issue with showing the newest Product details on a Case.
  • Fixed an issue with Correspondences sometimes not being accessible by users in the same Group.
  • Fixed an issue with the Case activity where Correspondence details were not always accessible.
  • Fixed an issue with Correspondences where some Product's Custom fields were not shown in the e-mail preview.
  • Fixed an issue with saving a new Responsible user on a Closed case.
  • Fixed an issue with having too many columns for Additional data.
  • Fixed an issue with pagination for Additional data.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of Tasks to complete when creating a new Activity was blank.
  • Fixed an issue where e-mail confirmation during Activity creation locks the scrollbar.
  • Fixed an issue where after saving a Case note, the Note field would not be cleared.
  • Added additional translations for e-mails to users.


  • Fixed an inconsistency in the delivery of daily Scheduled reports.


  • Fixed an issue where the Target group filters would sometimes require an integer, even though they should not.


  • Fixed an issue with some Agency users not having access to Lead type filters.
  • Fixed an issue with showing existing Contacts on Escalated leads.


  • Fixed an issue when saving Content suggestions sometimes would be marked as E-mail instead of Letter.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a new user, some user information was not saved properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Product's multi-line Custom field not being shown properly in Correspondences.
  • Fixed an issue where Group/Team admins could manage basic Lead type data regardless of Company wide settings.
  • Fixed an issue where editing Teams without the locale setting would cause an error.
  • Fixed an issue where Profile pictures of Responsible users for Lead types were not shown.
  • It is no longer possible to assign a Role to an Admin user that would restrict the Roles settings.
  • Product prices can now correctly be set to 0.


  • Fixed an issue with selecting all files in a folder.
  • Added better visual feedback on buttons.
  • Removed tickboxes from the Filemanager view when not attaching files.

Changes to the API

  • The Campaign preview endpoints have been deprecated and replaced with Preview Template endpoints.