Released: 12/06/2017

In this release, our focus has been on performance aiming to improve the general availability of EASI'R.


  • You can now also add attachments to your automated relations.
  • Completing a task from the task list will now take you directly to the activity creation rather than the case view first.
  • Users with user type Admin can now set team types on the team page as well. Previously, that was only possible via the API.
  • We have added missing error notifications for changes to the user type.
  • When deleting a group, there will now be a confirmation overlay.
  • When downloading a file from EASI'R, the download overlay now closes automatically.
  • During activity registration, we will now only pre-select a template in the correspondence section, if that template is the only available template.
  • When expanding the product or automated relation section during activity creation, added validation will now ask you to specify a product or an automated relation.
  • When a milestone is configured to close a case, we will not list it in the pipeline report anymore. After all, we mean to show you projected, additional sales there.
  • We have harmonised the naming of the performance report to "Performance" everywhere.
  • When pre-filling our preview environment with dummy data, we now also consider team and group membership. This will reduce the number of inconsistencies significantly.