Released: 22/05/2017

We have given our lead workflow a general overhaul. This includes changes to the look and feel (the lead lists, the lead details overlay) but also new functionality like team and group specific lead types.


  • Changes to the lead workflow
    • Re-design of the lead lists
    • Re-design of the lead details overlay
    • Re-design of the lead acceptance dialogue
    • Select a user and a case already during lead acceptance. So helpful, when accepting leads for somebody else.
    • Lead types can now have a description. A great way to share that tiny bit of extra information with your users.
    • Attach files to your leads to provide even more information.
    • Create a lead type for a specific group or team only. Very handy if you have your own lead sources.
    • Split up lead type settings "Mandatory" into the more granular options to enable/disable the lead type, enable/disable external escalation, allow/disallow teams to change the escalation thresholds.
    • Removed lead type icons
    • Removed the "New case" button on the contact and account view
  • The activity type buttons on the case view are now grouped under a new button - clearly labelled "New activity". Nice and tidy.
  • When creating a B2B contact, the account selection now also includes the option to create a new account. Right where you need it, no more navigating away.
  • The case list can now also be filtered by lead type.
  • Tasks of type Meeting or Call can now be marked as all-day activities, removing the need to set a start and end time.
  • All our timeline entries now also include their time of registration. Just hover over the date.
  • The sorting of fields on the user profile page and its edit page has been aligned. Just as anywhere else in the system, fields without a value are hidden.
  • We added a new notification. Case owners will now be informed when an email that was sent in the context of their case has been opened by the customer.
  • We removed the notification, when you high-five your own activity.
  • Next to the escalation date, the details overlay for escalated leads now also includes the time of escalation.
  • For leads that escalated because of a missing first activity, the details overlay now also includes the relevant case number.
  • For those of you that have built integrations with EASI'R, a User can now be marked as system user and will be hidden from the user lists in the UI.
  • We have extended the timeline entry creation via the API (set a (past) date and time, add a file, add a description).
  • When a team is deleted, its leads will be set to assigned, if external escalation is enabled for their lead type. All other leads will be deleted together with the team.