Released: 09/03/2017

This release includes bug fixes and general improvements.


  • We have adjusted our contact and account search to produce more relevant results.
  • In settings, the list of templates and the list of relation paths are now sorted alphabetically.
  • When calculating escalation times for leads, the closing times of teams are now properly considered.
  • Campaign consent for a contact is now automatically removed when his email address generated a hard-bounce in 3 campaigns.
  • When using the CreateActivity endpoint, a user ID and a source can be included. In the timeline entry of the activity, the source will be appended to the first and last name of the user.
  • The "Latest activity" column of our various case lists now also show the highest ranking milestone of that activity rather than just its date.
  • You can now also change the "Proposed next step" when editing a task.
  • Our double entry search at lead acceptance now also works for accounts and not only contacts.
  • In the time selection when planning a task, we pre-fill the start and end time with "now+15min" and "start time+30min". Hopefully, less scrolling for you.
  • The case list on the account and contact pages now also show the case owner.
  • When defining opening hours for a lead type, the order of the listed week days now depends on the region format of the user. For European users, the week will start with a Monday.
  • The correspondence section during activity registration has been made optional. So you can now register an incoming email activity without necessarily sending one yourself.
  • The notification overlay will now close when you click outside of it.