Release date: 2018-04-18

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where admin report export would fail


Release date: 2018-03-23

  • Bugfix: Fixed being able to trigger lead calls twice as to prevent duplicate lead_called webhooks


Release date: 2018-03-12

  • Bugfix: Standard users can now filter tasks by team


Release date: 2018-02-28

  • Add endpoints for fetching reports


Release date: 2018-02-15

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where SSO users couldn't have a string id as the provider user id


Release date: 2018-02-14

  • Bugfix: Fixed issue regarding creating activities in some cases


Release date: 2018-01-29

  • Ability to create a case with specified team id


Release date: 2018-01-15

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with empty email subjects
  • Bugfix: Fixes an issue with searching in additional data


Release date: 2018-01-12

  • Bugfix: Fixes issue with emails not arriving when having an attachment without a file extension


Release date: 2017-12-20

  • Bugfix: Removed html tags from push notification message


Release date: 2017-12-07

  • Removed gamification targets


Release date: 2017-11-29

  • Removed the notification adapter and added migration to remove duplicate data


Release date: 2017-11-15

  • Marked "role_id" in payload when updating a user as deprecated
  • Added "extra_steps" to "/cases/:case_id/activities" response
  • Add targets feature
  • Add filters for case and contact timeline
  • Add milestone types
  • Allow admins to edit users profile pictures

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with uploading files to a folder


Release date: 2017-10-23

  • Deprecated old iOS versions and added new credentials
  • Added a backwards compatibility adapter for notifications
  • Output the message as html and not string if it has html tags.
  • Added the team to tasks
  • Send a notification when some accepts a lead and assigns the user to the case
  • Added fields to teams
  • Send a notification when a task becomes overdue

  • Bugfix: Added missing brake in notification message

  • Bugfix: Modified the notifications transformer to use notification adapter
  • Bugfix: Marked 'relations_path' as deprecated in Requests
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where content was not being validated when creating a content suggestion on a relations path
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where a role couldn't have the right users.edit.system_user
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where product type wasn't updated when changed during activity creation
  • Bugfix: Fix bug where leaderboard could show a 0 value
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where custom fields with type/validation combinations could be created but wouldn't make sense


Release date: 2017-09-01

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug when previewing emails using custom fields
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug for notifications with a deleted lead type


Release date: 2017-09-01

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where admins couldn't update their own profile
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where admins could "lock" himself out when updating roles